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MRC is a growing company fundamental in the optimisation of centrifuge dewatering and loading operations within the water industry. MRC covers over 30 sites across Yorkshire, and use high value, complex and dangerous equipment on a regular basis. To meet ongoing commitments to health and safety they were looking to ensure skills and experience within the company could be transferred to new employees but were struggling to find a suitable external training program.


With no suitable external training available SS Safety helped MRC to create a centrifuge operators’ manual and training package to a level of detail both for safety and optimisation that sets a bar far above any of its kind in the industry. Over several months SS Safety visited all of the 30+ sites to observe current processes and speak to experienced operatives and senior management.

A detailed manual covering all operations was produced which was then linked to vital safety procedures to produce a comprehensive start up, optimisation, trouble shooting and shutdown programme.

The manual was then further enhanced with a training package that involved classroom based theory, practical hands on experience and assessment. The programme was delivered to all company centrifuge operators and resulted in higher productivity, consistency and safety.


  • Achieved a duty of care and legal compliance above industry standard

  • Now recognised by clients as being experts in the running and optimisation of centrifuge operations

  • Reduced accident and incident rates

  • Received interest in using their training to provide external training to others

  • Able to secure and renew current contracts


“Without SS Safety we would certainly not be where we are today, our safety and environmental standards are recognised by our clients and has created a foundation for many successful tenders.”

Mark Royston, Managing Director of Mark Royston Contracting Ltd

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