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I was first approached by Cooper Parry in 2021 to act as their nominated competent person.  This requires overseeing and guiding the company on “all things” health and safety.


Firstly, the scope of the task had to be identified, this involves looking at the company and all activities.  A legal register was then compiled to help identify compliance and potentially any non-compliance.

This exercise enabled a list of focus areas to be drawn:

  • Building Fire Risk Management, including annual Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and report.
  • Event safety management policy – Cooper Parry really like to host events!!
  • Creation of policy and procedure to reflect office environment and maintenance risk.

Cooper Parry are expanding rapidly and grow year on year increasing employees and office space requiring continual assessment and review.


  • The key to success and seamless growth of the safety system is good communication, robust policy, planning and brilliant management.  I can’t take the credit for the brilliant management, this is all Cooper Parry, Kerrie Morris (safety / operations manager) has learnt so much regarding health and safety that she now predicts almost all I say.


  • The company structure is holding well and little alteration is needed as the company continues to expand.


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