IOSH, IIRSM and CPD Accredited Health & Safety Training

SS Safety Ltd provide e-learning training which has been accredited by governing bodies such as IOSH, IIRSM and CPD, please find the link and range of courses at the top of the page.  If a more personal fit to your company is required awareness courses can be designed by our chartered professionals.

e Learning Health and Safety Training Courses Derby
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Training to your timescales and location

Over 100 video courses are available for your business needs ranging from fire marshal to food safety and equality.  These courses provide detailed information and recorded progress to allow training to your timescales and location.

Tailored e-learning courses

SS Safety Ltd also produce tailored e-learning courses to directly reflect your business, these have proven effective for clients with a mobile workforce allowing instant, monitored communication and worker knowledge of specific company policy and procedure.

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