Fire Safety Compliance and Training

Ensure that your business is protected from fire risk and compliant with British standards.

As a member of the Fire Protection Association SS Safety ensure awareness of changing fire safety standards and systems.  Fire Risk Assessment of your business premises will identify potential for improvement.  We will then document and present a balanced practical approach to risk reduction and compliance.

Protection for your employees, your assets and your business.

Fire Safety Health and Safety
Responsible Person Health and Safety

Building compliance through inspection

Qualified and experienced in fire safety we will ensure building compliance through inspection and the provision of a detailed risk assessment to identify potential improvement and necessary change.

Fire safety training and advice

SS Safety Ltd will advise and if requested oversee the training of fire wardens and staff on required checks and schedules, documentation and emergency planning.

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Frequently Asked Fire Safety Compliance and Training Questions

What fire safety training and advice should my employees have?

It is important that all staff are trained to understand fire safety procedures so that when on site they are aware of fire risks, ways to prevent them and what to do in case a fire occurs.

It is also a legal requirement to have adequate fire marshal coverage on site at all times. This means that a proportion of staff will need to be fully trained Fire Marshals to carry out regular checks, update procedures, support fire drills and evacuations, provide firefighters with layouts and relevant information regarding the building as well as staff headcounts.

The number of trained Fire Marshals depends on the size and complexity of a site but it is important that adequate cover is always maintained.

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Do I need regular fire safety inspections?

Regular fire safety checks are a mandatory part of any business and are grouped in to daily, weekly and monthly activities which check procedures are working and compliance is met. This means that regular checks on equipment, layout, storage of materials and training are essential.

Fire drills should also be carried out at least once a year and more frequently in the case of complex building structures.

On top of the regular in-house Fire Marshal duties a full annual assessment is recommended. Although not mandatory an annual fire risk assessment is seen as best practise as it looks across all the procedures, the building, fire doors, layout, evacuation routes, fire extinguishers and compliance to make sure that nothing is missed.

As it is an employer’s duty to demonstrate compliance is met it is essential that regular inspections are carried out and accurate records kept demonstrating compliance.

Do I need to ensure my working environment complies with regulations?

Fire safety compliance is a must for any business. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it is an employer’s duty to make sure that a business is compliant with all fire safety regulations. Failure to do so will invalidate your insurance, right off any claim and could result in prosecution.

To do this you must demonstrate compliance with the regulations and that a competent person, someone with adequate training to implement measures, carries out any of the preventative and protective measures set out in the Fire Safety Order.

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