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Chartered Health and Safety Consultant in Derby, UK

As the Midlands health and safety consultants in Derby, SS Safety are experts in bringing you practical H&S solutions for safe working practices.

Based in Derby, we provide expert health and safety consultancy which puts your business and staff at the heart of everything we do.

From health and safety procedures to occupational hazards such as stress and repetitive strain, we craft workable policies bespoke to your business and offer health and safety advice based on years of hands on experience in the industry.

Acting as your nominated competent person or short-term guidance, gap analysis and advice.

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Health and Safety Management Systems

SS Safety offer health and safety management support which brings compliance to life.

Working alongside your team we provide a full review of current practices, offer expert advice, training and management coaching and implement safe working practices which work with your business needs.

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E-learning Designed Specifically For Your Business

Setting the training standard for individual and business success.

Delivering courses specifically designed for your company, achieving your training goals within your budget and training style.


Fire Safety Assessment

Professional fire risk assessments for all types of buildings. Fully qualified assessors, SS Safety

provide a full assessment of your emergency procedures, equipment, maintenance and drills to stay

prepared and make sure your building is always compliant.

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Occupational Health and Safety

Straight forward occupational health and safety solutions to support your staff in the work place. SS Safety, professional health and safety consultants in Derby, help you look at simple adjustments which ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees. We are Midlands based with UK wide services.

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ISO Accreditation

Our health and safety consultancy has a 100% success rate in ISO accreditation year on year as we specialise in ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification.

If you are looking to make sure your business stands out with the coveted accreditation, SS Safety has a proven track record of simplifying the process.

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Office Based Staff Health & Safety FAQs

Is it a legal requirement to have a Workplace Mental Health Policy?

Although it is not a legal requirement to have a Workplace Mental Health Policy in place it is essential that you take care of your employees’ mental health and having a document which looks at the necessary requirements and risks is a good way of doing that. Creating a happy working environment helps to protect staff and maintain office productivity.

A third of all working days lost due to illness or injury in the workplace are caused by stress, anxiety or depression. Figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show it is one of the highest contributors for sick days in the UK.


Sick days from stress – Daily Mail

HSE Statistics for Working days lost in Great Britain

Work-related stress, anxiety or depression statistics in Great Britain, 2021

What are COVID-19 Safe Offices?

As more and more people opt to benefit from the flexibility of working from home it is essential employees manage health and safety correctly. Whether an employee works from home or in the office it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that they have a suitable working environment. This can be difficult when you don’t have full control over the area used. Training is one of the most important tools in helping to support staff who work in a home office. Check staff understand the importance of a good working environment and are aware of measures that can be put in place to prevent injury such as ergonomic chairs, wrist rests and glare free screens.

How do I assess use of display screen equipment?

Around 30% of work-related injuries are due to ergonomics – body posture or muscular injuries. Having measures in place to assess the suitability of display screen equipment and the wider desk area helps to minimise this risk.

  • Look at how the chair is positioned at the desk; can it be adjusted?
  • Is there suitable room on the desk for staff to safely type without causing repetitive injuries or strain?
  • Are computer screens free from glare and fully adjustable to provide the correct working height?

Being aware of the working environment and using the correct office furniture helps to prevent injuries.

What are my legal requirements for health and safety?

Under the 1974 Health and Safety Act every employer has a duty of care to look after staff in their workplace whether that is a manufacturing site or office environment. The legislation covers both employees’ physical safety and mental health. This means that you are legally obliged to do everything reasonably practicable to care for your staff’s mental and physical wellbeing. For employers with 5 or more employees, policies and risk assessments should be documented to show how you have achieved and maintained this level of care.

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